About Us

Assurance Merchant Solutions is all about merchant services and was started in 2010 to provide the lowest merchant rates but also excellent, fair, & most of all honest service. In a industry filled with competition, unfair agents and merchant turnovers AMS has managed to find a niche in the way this industries service is offered, making us a leader in merchant retention. The AMS family is comprised of agents who started in the customer service and technical support help desk. Being behind the scene sometimes hearing the frustrations and stories from merchants regarding their agents, terminals, service or not receiveing the lowest merchant processing fees was a learning experience that has filled our minds with knowledge and understanding of how to fill the gap with the lack of service that is sometimes created in the industry.

Where other agents have failed to do we have prevailed, what they have lacked in trade knowledge we have gained to offer unbeatable service. Our processor has been helping merchants earn more money since 1999. With decades worth of processing knowledge and favorable relationships with the back end bank, we're allowed to have competitive pricing rates that can not be beaten. Teamed withan A+ Accredited processor, years of experience, and excellent service; AMS will continue to change the industry for better leaving a mark with every merchant confident that they made the right choice with Assurance Merchant Solutions.




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